Rainbow Texas Tennis Shoes

I love color, so it should come as no surprise that I adore this particular pattern!

It features the word TEXAS in a cool font repeated in a rainbow of colors. (Not a precise rainbow range, just kind of.)

I have it on several different items, but among the ones I find the most fun are these sets of sneakers. They come in a high top and low top version. And they’re a little different from ordinary shoes in that the tops can zip off. Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, at Zazzle, you can only purchase the entire shoe and not just the tops. So you’d have to go to the maker to get additional or different tops.

Men’s and women’s sizes, made with extra cushioned insoles and arch support system.

XOXO Texas car accessories

Love your car? Love Texas? This is a match made in heaven then!

I have a series of car accessories – interior and exterior – that feature this fun Texas design with the words XOXO y’all cutout of the state shape.

The design itself is available in cactus green, state flag blue and periwinkle purple, as well as Texas college colors – UT Longhorns burnt orange, Texas A&M Aggies maroon and Texas Tech Red Raiders red.

All the designs feature a distressed wood background behind the state shape.

I’ve stuck with the main and most popular auto accessories available at Zazzle. You can transfer the designs to other products if you like.

XOXO Texas car accessories

Baby – and family! – shark shirts

Do do do do – baby shark in the house. With all of the family along for the ride.

Ok – not the official baby shark. But a seriously cute set of sharks in this family. There are three “male” ones in blue, orange and green. Then three “female” ones in pink, purple and yellow. The main difference is that the girl ones have eyelashes. Otherwise, you can go with whatever color you want.

The designs are customizable so you can make it whatever shark – nana, auntie, cousin, etc. Personalize with your name underneath the design.

The shirts are set up and available in all sizes to cover the entire family.

Baby – and family – shark shirts

Day of the Dead face shields

As we continue on with the lovely COVID virus and the changes to our society, you might be looking to expand your variety and wardrobe of protective gear.

And as we enter the last quarter of the year, we’ll be inundated with holidays that you can dress your gear up for.

When Zazzle started offering face shields, one of the first types of designs I considered was sugar skull and day of the dead versions. So rather than painting up your face – which would just get messed up by a mask anyway – you can just don one of these shields and you’re ready to celebrate.

They’ve recently added sizes for children, so I’m thinking to add additional designs appropriate for them.

Day of the Dead face shields

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Elegant doodle face masks

If you’re heading back to work in an office, you likely are going to still need to wear a mask there.

And let’s face it, but that cool design you have that shows a tongue sticking out is probably not work-appropriate. Maybe.

So check out a line of masks I have created with some abstract doodle patterns I have in black, white, ivory and steel gray. The patterns are circles, doodles and other styles of scribbles. I set up a ton already with nice subtle background colors perfect to coordinate with your office outfits.

And best of all, you can go into the design tool and change the background to any color you like to better coordinate with your wardrobe.

Abstract Doodle face masks

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Extra-large weekly to-do lists

There are a lot of different ways to keep track of your schedule and lists these days. If you’re into bullet journals, that’s a pretty popular option. (And I have some available in my Amazon store.)

But if you keep most of your agenda in your phone or online some other way – as I do – what you really need most days is just an organized (and lovely!) way to keep track of your daily to-dos.

I did a nice layout for a daily to-do list with a couple of different designs. I put them on the extra large pads offered at Zazzle so they’d be appropriate for keeping up with a complete office or family.

Each design is available in a couple of different colors. You’ll get 25 sheets on each pad, so enough to last you for six months or so.

Extra large weekly to-do list notepads

Love to Texas and Back Art

Texas is so big, when you say you love someone to Texas and back, it’s almost as good as the moon. (Right?)

Still, I love the sentiment behind this particular design. And it’s very artsy fartsy too, which I don’t normally do. All the letters are flush right with any holes plugged in. It comes in the gold shown here, but also a green and blue watercolor wash, a navy blue and a pink on dark gray.

It’s so artsy, in fact, I’ve mostly only put it on the art pieces offered at Zazzle – canvas prints and posters. But it is on a couple of other items you can enjoy.

Love to Texas and Back

Chile peppers for wrapping gifts

Ready to spice up your next gift? I’ve got all kinds of items with some red (and green!) hot chile peppers on them.

The mix of red and green chile peppers make these an obvious option for Christmas, but really they’re just something fun for any time of year if you have a chile lover around.

While the two options you see here use a basic green chile repeated pattern with the occasional red chile tossed in, I do have a few other design options. Those show up below and you can see ribbon, wrapping paper, gift tags and gift bags among the items offered.

A few of these are specifically Christmas – mostly the ones that have Feliz Navidad spelled out in red chile peppers. But almost all will work for the holidays.

(While you’re poking around in my store looking at the gift wrap options, don’t forget to check out the other items featuring these designs. Great gift ideas for New Mexicans!)

Chile Pepper Gift Wrapping

Texas LOVE face masks

Zazzle has added lots of different types of face masks, including a 100% cotton version.

(No commentary from me here about what type of fabric is best. That science is always changing. We’ll know eventually!)

This particular set uses a SVG design of mine with large western style letters to spell out LOVE with Texas as the “O”. To add to the love, it has a little heart cutout of its center. The entire design then has a distressed finish to give it a nice rustic look.

The design is available in state flag blue, periwinkle purple and cactus green, as well as Texas Tech Red Raiders red, Texas A&M Aggies maroon and UT Longhorns burnt orange. Because the design is an SVG, you can go into the design tool to change the color if you like.

The cotton mask comes in white or black.

Texas LOVE face masks

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Watercolor lacrosse sticks blanket

It’s a lovely surprise when a design just takes off and makes people happy.

(OK, I know. I shouldn’t be surprised. I should expect people will like my stuff, right? :-))

This particular lacrosse design is one of those that has just taken off, particularly the blanket pictured here. It all started when one person bought the blanket to use as an auction item. And it’s just been a popular item ever since.

The image started as a photo, which I tweaked and turned into a watercolor print. A row of different colored lacrosse sticks are lined up on the green grass of the field. You can personalize it with your name at Zazzle.

This particular design is available on a ton of different items at Zazzle (see below) as well as at Redbubble.

Watercolor lacrosse sticks designs