Garden Flower Reading Journals

How many times have you been asked about a book and you can’t remember if you’ve read it, just bought it, liked it – really anything about it other than “I’ve heard of it.”

A reading log or journal is a great way to keep track of what you read over the course of a year. Even if you keep an online blog or post your reviews at Goodreads, it helps to have a physical option at hand to jot notes as you read.

And so here’s another gorgeous reading log option for all you readers out there!

Purple floral reading journal

I especially like this design for people into historical romances. Looks highly appropriate for that era, right?

This design features line-drawn or outlined flowers, leaves and stems, along with some solid options. Big purple circle in the center with the words “reading journal”. It mostly looks purple in this mock-up but there are accents of blue and yellow mixed in as well.

Inside, you’ll find space to track all your book reading reviews in this logbook with places for your ratings, quotes and more detailed review. Keep track of your thoughts to help you remember key points and themes, plots, characters and quotes in advance of writing an online review or book report.

There are enough pages for 100 reviews in one-page spreads, which means almost two books a week for 2021! Sounds like a great year!

The book is 8″x10″, so there’s plenty of room on the page for all your notes on a book you’ve finished.

As well as the main review space, there’s space to log title, author, genre, page count; start and finish dates; book format; favorite quotes. In the front, you’ll find charts to allow you to make a custom index for the book. At the back, there are pages to keep track of your book wishlist and reading challenges you undertake.

There’s even a page to write down books you abandon because you just can’t finish them. (I had many, many of those in the past year.) Great gift idea for under $10 for your mom, sister, grandma, teacher – any woman who reads.

Specific features of this reading log

  • Great for keeping notes on your current read to use for writing an online review
  • Floral design in purple, blue and yellow
  • Perfect for book lovers, writers, book club members, bloggers, book critics
  • Single-page has space for short facts about the book, your review and favorite quotes
  • 8”x10” for lots of space for writing
  • Perfect-bound notebook
  • Glossy soft cover
  • Numbered pages
  • Made in the USA
A peek at the pages inside this reading journal