Extra-large weekly to-do lists

There are a lot of different ways to keep track of your schedule and lists these days. If you’re into bullet journals, that’s a pretty popular option. (And I have some available in my Amazon store.)

But if you keep most of your agenda in your phone or online some other way – as I do – what you really need most days is just an organized (and lovely!) way to keep track of your daily to-dos.

I did a nice layout for a daily to-do list with a couple of different designs. I put them on the extra large pads offered at Zazzle so they’d be appropriate for keeping up with a complete office or family.

Each design is available in a couple of different colors. You’ll get 25 sheets on each pad, so enough to last you for six months or so.

Extra large weekly to-do list notepads

Magnetic notepads for fridge lists

I love to make lists. Seriously, it’s a highlight of my day!

And of course, the most common list I make is a shopping list, mostly for food stuff.

Which is why a notepad right on the fridge is such a great idea. You can write down what you need right when you’re thinking about it. (I’d say you and your family/roommates/etc. except we all know they never do it.)

These magnetic notepads are relatively new at Zazzle. They’re a long thin style at 4.25″ wide and 9″ long. They have 40 pages with a chipboard and magnet backer.

You’ll note I have some radically different designs going on here, but I realized the thing they have in common is they’re all pretty darned girly in style. Not sure if that reflects my personal taste or a subconscious idea that men aren’t into lists and notepads.

Some of these have lines and spaces for checking things off. Definitely built with a checklist or shopping list in mind. The others are more flexible, making them great for phone messages or notes to the family.

The only thing I’m not a fan of with these is you can’t get them without the magnet. I like the long skinny size because it takes up less space on my desk, but plain isn’t an option at the moment.

Refrigerator magnetic notepads