Jellyfish Planner

Showing off another of my many undated planners available over at Amazon, this time one with a gloriously elegant cover of silver jellyfish against a dark blue background. The gorgeous image was shot off the coast of Spain.

This one is undated with a single week across two pages with sections for tasks and notes. It has 110 pages, so should last you a year. It has a matte soft cover, perfect bound spine and is a convenient 6″x9″ size.

Great gift idea to add to your list as you’re planning ahead to the end of the year for anyone who loves the sea or just great photography.

Extra-large weekly to-do lists

There are a lot of different ways to keep track of your schedule and lists these days. If you’re into bullet journals, that’s a pretty popular option. (And I have some available in my Amazon store.)

But if you keep most of your agenda in your phone or online some other way – as I do – what you really need most days is just an organized (and lovely!) way to keep track of your daily to-dos.

I did a nice layout for a daily to-do list with a couple of different designs. I put them on the extra large pads offered at Zazzle so they’d be appropriate for keeping up with a complete office or family.

Each design is available in a couple of different colors. You’ll get 25 sheets on each pad, so enough to last you for six months or so.

Extra large weekly to-do list notepads

Black collie dog undated planner

The very first planners I ever published are still among my favorites. After all, they feature earnest and adoring dog faces and who can resist those?

The covers of these all featured the text “so … what are we going to do today?” because in my head, that’s exactly what the dog is asking. Certainly that’s what I always heard when my dogs would look at me like that!

While the boxer cover will always be my favorite because I had a boxer, design-wise, I adore this collie planner because the image wraps around to the back. He can see you coming and going!

This planner is 110 pages with one week per two pages, so enough pages for a full year. However, it’s undated so that year can start whenever you want! The days of the week are on the left side, while I’ve made sections for a to-do list, random notes and hard goals. There’s a light grid filling the background so you can use it to doodle if you don’t have much to plan one week. 🙂 It’s a nice compact 6″x9″ size to make it easy to carry around.

I do update the insides of these every year because I include full year calendars in the front. Right now, they are for 2020 and 2021. Around October or so, I’ll update them to be for 2021 and 2022. Otherwise, when you get one is irrelevant.

Get your collie undated planner at Amazon!

Side note: the images above are mock-ups I made, not pictures of the actual book. Just wanted to mention that since the book you’d actually receive won’t have rounded corners and will include a bar code on the back.