Baby – and family! – shark shirts

Do do do do – baby shark in the house. With all of the family along for the ride.

Ok – not the official baby shark. But a seriously cute set of sharks in this family. There are three “male” ones in blue, orange and green. Then three “female” ones in pink, purple and yellow. The main difference is that the girl ones have eyelashes. Otherwise, you can go with whatever color you want.

The designs are customizable so you can make it whatever shark – nana, auntie, cousin, etc. Personalize with your name underneath the design.

The shirts are set up and available in all sizes to cover the entire family.

Baby – and family – shark shirts

We Have Arrived Shirts

Perfect for the first day of school!!! Announce that you (and the rest of your class year) have arrived on the scene with one of these shirts.

Big bold letters state “WE HAVE ARRIVED” and the entire thing has a distressed look to it. The design at the top here is from Zazzle, so you have the option to personalize the class year and add your school name. Or put your name. Or your class motto. Your call. That one is available in the black shown here as well as with black lettering on white.

Over at Redbubble, the shirts are only available with black lettering, so most of the time the best look is going to be a white shirt. (Maybe I should go back and add it again with white letters?) This one can’t be personalized so it’s just for the class of 2021. I’ll be adding future classes as soon as I can.

(The design at Redbubble is also on lots of other products, most of the time with a great tiny stripe background.)

Senior Class Of 2021 Shirts

I have a ton – a ton!! – of different designs for class of 2021 shirts. Most are like the ones you see here where you can customize the year to whatever works for you.

These here are specifically for the last year of school since they include the word senior and a graduation cap. (But I have others that will work for incoming freshmen or sophomores!)

This particular design combines some script and printed fonts for a bold look. You can personalize the design with the year and the school name. Or make that your name if you like. It’s all up to you.

The look comes in a version with a black base suitable for light-colored shirts like the white one above. It comes in the standard list of school like green, red, purple, orange, blue and so forth. The one with the white base for dark shirts comes in gold, silver, pale gray and powder blue.

If you want, you have the option to go into the design tool at Zazzle and customize the colors however you like. Or contact me to make a special request.

Senior Class Of 2021 Shirts

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Family Reunion Shirts for All

If you’re still getting together for a family reunion this year, don’t forget to mark the occasion with a shirt for everyone!

I recently started designing invitations for family reunions and to coordinate with those, I have a line of t-shirts for the whole family.

Shirts are a great way to show yourself as a group if you’re at a park or campground, as well as just to remember the occasion. And since my shirts allow for the front to be customized with the name, you also can forego those annoying nametags!

The family reunion designs

I have three basic designs at the moment. The two shown here at the top are big and bold and involve trees. They come in bright standard colors such as red, blue, green, orange and purple. You can personalize with your name and the year as well individual family member names.

The other design I have features a piece of line art of a camping site in two colors. The art itself can be custom colored if you’d like (just go into the customizer) or you can choose from the muted shades I have already picked out. This design is already on other items such as plates and banners to help make your event special.

Family Reunion Shirts

Lacrosse Parent Shirts

lacrosse shirts for mom and dad. 14 school colors available.

Get yourself outfitted for the new lacrosse season with a shirt for mom or dad. (Or nana or uncle or whomever!)

I have several designs of shirts I’ve created for you to customize to show your support for your favorite lacrosse player. All use lacrosse sticks and balls as design elements and come in a variety of colors so you can find one to match your team.

One design allows you to customize with the name of your team, your player number and then the phrase “Senior Lacrosse Mom” underneath. That can be changed to a different school year – sophomore, junior – and to be mom or dad or whatever you like. Change the whole phrase to your team’s fight cry.

The second design uses large scale sticks – again with the option to customize with your player’s number on the ball – and “SENIOR LACROSSE DAD” in the center. That can be personalized to whatever message you like or to change the school year and relationship.

Almost all of the designs are available in red, orange, yellow, purple, green, blue, gray, black, forest green, navy, maroon, burnt orange, gold and powder blue. A couple include the lighter colors like silver gray, gold and powder blue on a dark shirt.