Elegant doodle face masks

If you’re heading back to work in an office, you likely are going to still need to wear a mask there.

And let’s face it, but that cool design you have that shows a tongue sticking out is probably not work-appropriate. Maybe.

So check out a line of masks I have created with some abstract doodle patterns I have in black, white, ivory and steel gray. The patterns are circles, doodles and other styles of scribbles. I set up a ton already with nice subtle background colors perfect to coordinate with your office outfits.

And best of all, you can go into the design tool and change the background to any color you like to better coordinate with your wardrobe.

Abstract Doodle face masks

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Chile peppers for wrapping gifts

Ready to spice up your next gift? I’ve got all kinds of items with some red (and green!) hot chile peppers on them.

The mix of red and green chile peppers make these an obvious option for Christmas, but really they’re just something fun for any time of year if you have a chile lover around.

While the two options you see here use a basic green chile repeated pattern with the occasional red chile tossed in, I do have a few other design options. Those show up below and you can see ribbon, wrapping paper, gift tags and gift bags among the items offered.

A few of these are specifically Christmas – mostly the ones that have Feliz Navidad spelled out in red chile peppers. But almost all will work for the holidays.

(While you’re poking around in my store looking at the gift wrap options, don’t forget to check out the other items featuring these designs. Great gift ideas for New Mexicans!)

Chile Pepper Gift Wrapping

Sit Stay Love paw prints

Being a dog lover (sorry, cats!), I had dreams at one point of doing a bunch of pet-related designs.

I really only made it as far as this particular one, which I do love. It doesn’t really lend itself well to personalization at Zazzle, so I don’t have a lot of options there.

This design is also in my shop at Redbubble and on more products there than I currently have at Zazzle, like the sleeveless top shown on the right here.

The design features a large gray heart with the words Sit. Stay. Love. on it. Brushstroke gray stripes run behind the whole thing with scattered paw prints in yellow, blue, orange and green shades.

Lovely design for a pet person – dog or cat – obviously. Enoy!!!

Sit Stay Love paw prints

Mismatched flip flop fashion

I am one of those people who believes matching is highly overrated. At least when it comes to socks and other opportunities for whimsy.

I’ve found it difficult in designing flip-flops to come up with something unique that anyone would be willing to pay for a custom pair for. (I do have lots that are in my various sports pattern. Not a lot of cheer, volleyball or lacrosse flip flops already out there.)

That is, until I hit upon ways to take my current graphics and make sets that coordinate but don’t match. Extra fun!!!

I got into a rhythm so they pretty much all have a pattern of some sort on the right shoe. The left shoe incorporates some element from the pattern or a coordinating image and the ability to personalize with your name. It was a great way to use some of my lovely patterns that hadn’t found a good home yet.

There are a couple Texas specific designs like the blue gingham ones at the top of this post. The dotted pattern one comes in several different color options and you can even go in to change the background on the left shoe if you prefer a different color out of the pattern.

Mismatched flip flop sets

Bright Diagonal Lacrosse Sticks Pattern

I got into a kick recently with creating patterns themed for volleyball, cheerleading and lacrosse. And I really love this one particular lacrosse pattern, so I wanted to share it today.

It’s diagonal sticks in a variety of bright tropical colors like orange, lime green and turquoise. The two products you see here are available at Redbubble, among the many I offer there. The table at the bottom of this post shows options over at Zazzle, where I have a couple of different colors, although this post is just about this one particular color.

At Zazzle, you can change out the background color if you like; I’d recommend black or dark gray. It’s a nice change and the bright colors will really stand out against a dark background.

Bright Tropical Colors Diagonal Lacrosse Sticks Pattern

Forest Green Cheerleader Pattern

Yay team!!! I’ve been on a pattern kick lately, creating them in all the school colors I offer.

This is the latest in the cheerleader patterns I’ve created. Black and forest green pom-poms and megaphones plus extra large word “cheer” and hearts. All with a soft gray grid in the background.

So far, I’ve only gotten this one posted and only on Redbubble. I know, I know. But it takes time when you make 14 different color versions of a pattern to get them all posted in all the places.

Until then, I’m especially proud of how they look on the socks at Redbubble. I’ve also placed it on the new backpack and duffle bag. Check them out!