Chile peppers for wrapping gifts

Ready to spice up your next gift? I’ve got all kinds of items with some red (and green!) hot chile peppers on them.

The mix of red and green chile peppers make these an obvious option for Christmas, but really they’re just something fun for any time of year if you have a chile lover around.

While the two options you see here use a basic green chile repeated pattern with the occasional red chile tossed in, I do have a few other design options. Those show up below and you can see ribbon, wrapping paper, gift tags and gift bags among the items offered.

A few of these are specifically Christmas – mostly the ones that have Feliz Navidad spelled out in red chile peppers. But almost all will work for the holidays.

(While you’re poking around in my store looking at the gift wrap options, don’t forget to check out the other items featuring these designs. Great gift ideas for New Mexicans!)

Chile Pepper Gift Wrapping

Super Hero senior gift wrapping

If you make it to your senior year, you’re quite the super hero! (OK, I’ll admit it’s more of a heroic effort for some than others. But all graduates deserve the designation, right?)

Celebrate your super hero with this retro comic book style design. Instead of “POW” or “BAM”, the word “SENIOR” is breaking out of a yellow burst of color. The background is blue with sun rays shining out.

Occasionally, I’ve used the burst without the blue background, like on the white wrapping paper shown to the right here. Just a sharp look on its own. I also leave off the rays at times, so you’ll notice brighter blue backgrounds at time.

I think I’ve covered just about every item you’ll need to wrap a graduation gift or back-to-school present with this design. I have wrapping paper, wrapping sheet sets, tissue paper, ribbon, stickers, tags and gift bags.

The same design is available at Zazzle on school supplies and other items, while I have it on more than 80 products at Redbubble, including duffle bags and backpacks.

Super Hero senior gift wrapping

Texas House Warming Wrapping Paper

Thanks to COVID, there have been so many products lately that have been unavailable thanks to factory closings.

But, hallelujah! Some are coming back, and among those is wrapping paper. One of the new versions Zazzle has is sheet sets, which I’m having fun playing with now.

Basically, the paper comes in sets of three and I can design each one separately. So I’ve been working on how to turn some of my art and patterns into appropriate looks.

One I started with is based off the art for a set of moving announcements I made that feature the word “HOME” with the state of Texas in a botanical print as the letter “O”. The main art says “Home Sweet New Home”, which I’ve used on the first sheet, a mostly solid for the second and the botanical pattern for the third. There are three color options to choose from.

Great for a house warming gift for someone moving into or around Texas!