Baby – and family! – shark shirts

Do do do do – baby shark in the house. With all of the family along for the ride.

Ok – not the official baby shark. But a seriously cute set of sharks in this family. There are three “male” ones in blue, orange and green. Then three “female” ones in pink, purple and yellow. The main difference is that the girl ones have eyelashes. Otherwise, you can go with whatever color you want.

The designs are customizable so you can make it whatever shark – nana, auntie, cousin, etc. Personalize with your name underneath the design.

The shirts are set up and available in all sizes to cover the entire family.

Baby – and family – shark shirts

Extra-large weekly to-do lists

There are a lot of different ways to keep track of your schedule and lists these days. If you’re into bullet journals, that’s a pretty popular option. (And I have some available in my Amazon store.)

But if you keep most of your agenda in your phone or online some other way – as I do – what you really need most days is just an organized (and lovely!) way to keep track of your daily to-dos.

I did a nice layout for a daily to-do list with a couple of different designs. I put them on the extra large pads offered at Zazzle so they’d be appropriate for keeping up with a complete office or family.

Each design is available in a couple of different colors. You’ll get 25 sheets on each pad, so enough to last you for six months or so.

Extra large weekly to-do list notepads

Chile peppers for wrapping gifts

Ready to spice up your next gift? I’ve got all kinds of items with some red (and green!) hot chile peppers on them.

The mix of red and green chile peppers make these an obvious option for Christmas, but really they’re just something fun for any time of year if you have a chile lover around.

While the two options you see here use a basic green chile repeated pattern with the occasional red chile tossed in, I do have a few other design options. Those show up below and you can see ribbon, wrapping paper, gift tags and gift bags among the items offered.

A few of these are specifically Christmas – mostly the ones that have Feliz Navidad spelled out in red chile peppers. But almost all will work for the holidays.

(While you’re poking around in my store looking at the gift wrap options, don’t forget to check out the other items featuring these designs. Great gift ideas for New Mexicans!)

Chile Pepper Gift Wrapping

Sit Stay Love paw prints

Being a dog lover (sorry, cats!), I had dreams at one point of doing a bunch of pet-related designs.

I really only made it as far as this particular one, which I do love. It doesn’t really lend itself well to personalization at Zazzle, so I don’t have a lot of options there.

This design is also in my shop at Redbubble and on more products there than I currently have at Zazzle, like the sleeveless top shown on the right here.

The design features a large gray heart with the words Sit. Stay. Love. on it. Brushstroke gray stripes run behind the whole thing with scattered paw prints in yellow, blue, orange and green shades.

Lovely design for a pet person – dog or cat – obviously. Enoy!!!

Sit Stay Love paw prints

Magnetic notepads for fridge lists

I love to make lists. Seriously, it’s a highlight of my day!

And of course, the most common list I make is a shopping list, mostly for food stuff.

Which is why a notepad right on the fridge is such a great idea. You can write down what you need right when you’re thinking about it. (I’d say you and your family/roommates/etc. except we all know they never do it.)

These magnetic notepads are relatively new at Zazzle. They’re a long thin style at 4.25″ wide and 9″ long. They have 40 pages with a chipboard and magnet backer.

You’ll note I have some radically different designs going on here, but I realized the thing they have in common is they’re all pretty darned girly in style. Not sure if that reflects my personal taste or a subconscious idea that men aren’t into lists and notepads.

Some of these have lines and spaces for checking things off. Definitely built with a checklist or shopping list in mind. The others are more flexible, making them great for phone messages or notes to the family.

The only thing I’m not a fan of with these is you can’t get them without the magnet. I like the long skinny size because it takes up less space on my desk, but plain isn’t an option at the moment.

Refrigerator magnetic notepads

Create your travel bucket list

When my niece asked me to go with her on a school trip, I didn’t even ask where we were going. My philosophy is (was) that if I need a passport to get there, I’m ready to go.

(I’ve since changed my tune because as you get older, the strains of traveling in some parts of the world become just a bit more than I can handle. I’m looking at you, squat toilets.)

I’ve been to 24 different countries and still have a ton of places on my bucket list I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing. A few are on the design I’m featuring today!

This colorful travel bucket list is customizable to reflect the places you want to visit. The length of the list varies with the items the design is on. (You can get a ton of places on that suitcase!) And if you want, you can get into the design tool and change the color of the planes and lines as well.

It’s pictured on a passport holder above – totally appropriate – but also on a notebook you could use as a travel journal or bags to use to tote on the plane.

Colorful travel bucket list

Face masks for back to school

If your school is opening for in-person classes, masks are going to be a given for everyone.

So you might as well look at adding a few to your current collection that related to school and school activities.

I have a very, very, very large collection of appropriate ones to choose from, mostly bulked up by the fact that I offer 14 school color options.

Class of 2021 and senior class

You can start with the ones specific to the senior class, like the one at the top of this post. That particular design is available in all the school colors and you can personalize it with your school name as well as the year. (So, unless you’re planning on failing a grade, that one can work for 2022, 2023, etc., as well as the class of 2021.)

There are many others that don’t have a customizable year, which actually means they can be more fancy as far as the design goes. It’s a bit of a trade-off. I have similar design options available at Redbubble as well.

Sports themes and school colors

By far the largest group I have is going to be those that revolve around specific sports, most of which come in the line of 14 school colors.

The simple soccer pattern on black you see here is indicative of the main style I offer. It comes in soccer, cheer, basketball, football and baseball.

There are also more complex designs for cheerleading, volleyball and lacrosse, some of which come in bright colors that aren’t school related. There is a simple and basic pattern of white lacrosse sticks, though, similar to the one above.

Mascot school pride

Then we have the school pride designs. Due to the nature of the design, they do come in a more limited color palette, but I think I’ve covered the most common one.

Half the colors come on a white background with the word PRIDE in black; the other half in reverse with a black background and the word PRIDE in white. This allows the different color choices to stand out better.

You can customize the design with your school mascot in large script and the school name underneath. And if you feel ambitious, you can go into the design tool and change colors to fit your particular taste or combination.

Face Masks for School

These are shown in order of popularity and I only have 21 choices shown here. You seriously don’t want to wait for all the options I have to load. I have well over 450 designs/colors for you to choose from!

[Sorry, the request returned no designs - first try refreshing the browser to make sure it's not an internet glitch. If that fails, please try a different search]

Electoral college maps to track the 2020 election

I was in third grade in 1980 when Jimmy Carter (from my then-state of Georgia) was running against Ronald Reagan.

Third grade was when we did Georgia history and all things Georgia, which that year included the presidential election. And probably way earlier than most kids ever get – an education in the electoral college.

My teacher sent each of us home with our own map of the United States so we could watch the returns that night and color in the states to reflect the winner. (This probably worked out OK for us in that we really only needed to stay up long enough to color Georgia. There is no way I was up late enough to get any of the west coast states, especially since things moved much slower in the days before 24-hour news.)

I’ve had the idea of recreating the map, both for budding politicos like my niece as well as classroom use. I have the states listed with their current electoral college counts (they’ll change by 2024 with the census) and a place for tracking and totaling. I listed democrats as blue and republicans with red just for standardization. Should there ever be a state that actually was claimed by one of the minor parties, you’re on your own to pick a color. 🙂

I have three different set-ups of the map, again mostly with classrooms in mind. But if your kids aren’t going back to the classroom this fall, the poster option might work well for you at home as well. You can choose from small to really big sizes on the poster.

There are also two paper pads – again thinking in terms of a sheet for each kid in a class – one with 25 larger 12″x18″ pages and the other with 40 letter size sheets.

Electoral College Maps To Color

Colorful paw print tattoos

This particular design is so very basic, but that’s also part of what makes it so perfect!

It’s a sheet of temporary tattoos of solid colored paw prints. They’re great for a pet event or if your school mascot is a cat (tiger, lion, wildcat, bobcat, panther, cougar) or canine (bulldog, wolf, greyhound, husky, terrier). You could probably be creative in interpreting other animals that the prints might work for.

I have each sheet set up with an assortment of tattoos. The six large paws are approximately 2″ in size, the eight medium 1.5″ and the 16 small 1″. They come in green, purple, burnt orange, red, blue, orange, black and maroon, as well as a black paw print version. And except for the last, you can go into the design tool at Zazzle to change the colors and even rescale the sizes if you like. (Note that I don’t have lighter colors like yellow, gold or silver because those won’t show up well as a tattoo. Gotta stick with the darker/bolder shades.)

The sheets are about letter size and the non-colored area will be clear so your skin shows through. You’ll have to cut apart each of the tattoos. They’re designed to stay on for a few days and wipe off with baby oil.

Paw Print Temporary Tattoos

[Sorry, the request returned no designs - first try refreshing the browser to make sure it's not an internet glitch. If that fails, please try a different search]

Yes! I do custom designs

I occasionally get the question over on Zazzle about whether I can change up a design or help a customer do it themselves.

Most of the time, this just involves the design being rendered in a different set of colors than I chose (although, a lot of my designs are easy to customize yourself as far as colors go) or some help rearranging the design elements to better fit the customer’s needs.

But occasionally, I do a completely custom item because … well, there just isn’t any thing out there to be found!

Such was the case with this coffee mug. You can get designs like this all over the place, but invariably, they only involve the 50 states. And in this case, the daughter had been accepted to attend college in Abu Dhabi, which is a heck of a distance from Texas!!

So we wanted to create a similar design but in their favorite colors and with Texas and the UAE as the locations. It was a rewarding item to work on and made a fabulous birthday present for mom!

As a general rule, most of my really custom work would involve something like this, where we’re adjusting an existing concept to fit your specific needs. I’m not an artist, so there are limits to how much I can do.

And yes – there is a charge involved. Simple color alterations at Zazzle are generally done without a charge, but anything that starts to involve time or back and forth will have a fee. Just ask!