Support your team with these volleyball ties

Get ready for any game day with a volleyball patterned tie in your school colors.

Perfect idea for a coach, team members, parent or other fans. It gives you a nice splash of your team color and is sport-appropriate.

I currently have three different patterns that come in school color options. And these come in 14 different colors such as black, gold, purple, orange and red. You can see the wider range down below.

One of the patterns is like the black one above with evenly spaced volleyballs in white over a dark background. There’s a subtle pattern over the background that looks like a wood gym floor.

A second is shown here to the right in purple. It’s a square argyle-style pattern with white volleyballs in the solid purple blocks and a square in the white blocks. The entire pattern has a subtle gray background of a volleyball net. If you’re feeling brave, this design can be customized further by going into the design too and changing the background color.

The third school color option has random volleyballs in different sizes. The background has a large-sized subtle chevron pattern that blends into the color.

I do have one other volleyball tie at the moment. Well, two actually. It’s a sketch version of volleyballs in neon colors on either a black or a white background. Great if you’re having to support numerous teams with different colors and just want a standard volleyball tie.

School Color Volleyball Neck Ties

Tarot Journals

I wanted to share one of my more popular notebook products – tarot journals. I had no idea before I started making them just how hot they would be.

I have more than 20 options now in my shop. Several feature the same design with differences in sizes or interior options. I offer 6″x9″ as a carry-around size and 8″x10″ for use at home. The interiors offer you either a three-card read as in the image above or a single-card read.

All the journals have space for you to mark the card or cards you drew for the day. You can draw the card or use a symbol to represent it. There’s a page at the front of the book for you to mark the particular symbols you’ve decided to use for each card.

Single-card draw pages

If you use more than one deck in your daily tarot readings, there’s a place for you to make note of that. You can write down your specific question of the day or general thoughts for what you’re trying to answer.

There’s a space for you to write your interpretation of your card or cards. In the front of the diary, I have a chart that gives the most common interpretation of each card.

Lastly, there is a place for the end of the day where you can capture your thoughts. This might be how you saw the reading play out during the day or whether your interpretation at the end of the day is different from that of the beginning.

You can mark the date for each reading so this doesn’t have to be used for daily draws. You might only consult the cards when something big is about to happen.

Tarot Journal Cover Designs

Mandalas are common cover theme in my store, like the purple and blue one pictured at the top. I’ve interpreted them several different ways so there’s a style for just about anyone.

These make a great gift for the spiritualist in your life.

Texas Halloween Doormats

The spooky season is sneaking up on us. Time to start decorating outside the house with some cool Halloween doormats with a Texas theme!

These are all my own designs, as I don’t run into Texas Halloween stuff too often. Easier to make it myself, ya know?

I basically have five different designs in the Halloween space right now. My newest and almost my favorite is the cartoon armadillo in the picture to the left. I just adore him/her. Sporting a witch hat and carrying an orange cauldron filled with Halloween candy. Perfect!

The older designs I have feature more narrowly Texas themes. One is my version of a Texas great pumpkin, using the state flag design and colors to fill a simple pumpkin shape. These particular colors are more of a vintage rustic set of shades and the entire thing has a distressed finish to it.

The other three feature the shape of the state in some fashion. The first has Texas dressed up as a witch with the words “hocus pocus”. This uses an orange, purple and lime green color scheme with groups of dots as accents around the state.

The next is Texas as a ghost, complete with scary face inside a white field. This features the words “boo y’all” in orange and black and the entire design is on a purple background. (I’m not sure just why I got into purple for Halloween!)

The last is a version of a jack o’ lantern with a face cut into the state shape. Tiny bats and dots float around the angry pumpkin. This one I show in black on an orange background – very traditional Halloween colors – but the graphic is an SVG, so it’s actually available for you to custom color if you like.

All the designs feature the opportunity to personalize with your family name and are available at Zazzle.

Texas Halloween Doormats

Garden Flower Reading Journals

How many times have you been asked about a book and you can’t remember if you’ve read it, just bought it, liked it – really anything about it other than “I’ve heard of it.”

A reading log or journal is a great way to keep track of what you read over the course of a year. Even if you keep an online blog or post your reviews at Goodreads, it helps to have a physical option at hand to jot notes as you read.

And so here’s another gorgeous reading log option for all you readers out there!

Purple floral reading journal

I especially like this design for people into historical romances. Looks highly appropriate for that era, right?

This design features line-drawn or outlined flowers, leaves and stems, along with some solid options. Big purple circle in the center with the words “reading journal”. It mostly looks purple in this mock-up but there are accents of blue and yellow mixed in as well.

Inside, you’ll find space to track all your book reading reviews in this logbook with places for your ratings, quotes and more detailed review. Keep track of your thoughts to help you remember key points and themes, plots, characters and quotes in advance of writing an online review or book report.

There are enough pages for 100 reviews in one-page spreads, which means almost two books a week for 2021! Sounds like a great year!

The book is 8″x10″, so there’s plenty of room on the page for all your notes on a book you’ve finished.

As well as the main review space, there’s space to log title, author, genre, page count; start and finish dates; book format; favorite quotes. In the front, you’ll find charts to allow you to make a custom index for the book. At the back, there are pages to keep track of your book wishlist and reading challenges you undertake.

There’s even a page to write down books you abandon because you just can’t finish them. (I had many, many of those in the past year.) Great gift idea for under $10 for your mom, sister, grandma, teacher – any woman who reads.

Specific features of this reading log

  • Great for keeping notes on your current read to use for writing an online review
  • Floral design in purple, blue and yellow
  • Perfect for book lovers, writers, book club members, bloggers, book critics
  • Single-page has space for short facts about the book, your review and favorite quotes
  • 8”x10” for lots of space for writing
  • Perfect-bound notebook
  • Glossy soft cover
  • Numbered pages
  • Made in the USA
A peek at the pages inside this reading journal

Rainbow Texas Tennis Shoes

I love color, so it should come as no surprise that I adore this particular pattern!

It features the word TEXAS in a cool font repeated in a rainbow of colors. (Not a precise rainbow range, just kind of.)

I have it on several different items, but among the ones I find the most fun are these sets of sneakers. They come in a high top and low top version. And they’re a little different from ordinary shoes in that the tops can zip off. Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, at Zazzle, you can only purchase the entire shoe and not just the tops. So you’d have to go to the maker to get additional or different tops.

Men’s and women’s sizes, made with extra cushioned insoles and arch support system.

XOXO Texas car accessories

Love your car? Love Texas? This is a match made in heaven then!

I have a series of car accessories – interior and exterior – that feature this fun Texas design with the words XOXO y’all cutout of the state shape.

The design itself is available in cactus green, state flag blue and periwinkle purple, as well as Texas college colors – UT Longhorns burnt orange, Texas A&M Aggies maroon and Texas Tech Red Raiders red.

All the designs feature a distressed wood background behind the state shape.

I’ve stuck with the main and most popular auto accessories available at Zazzle. You can transfer the designs to other products if you like.

XOXO Texas car accessories

Baby – and family! – shark shirts

Do do do do – baby shark in the house. With all of the family along for the ride.

Ok – not the official baby shark. But a seriously cute set of sharks in this family. There are three “male” ones in blue, orange and green. Then three “female” ones in pink, purple and yellow. The main difference is that the girl ones have eyelashes. Otherwise, you can go with whatever color you want.

The designs are customizable so you can make it whatever shark – nana, auntie, cousin, etc. Personalize with your name underneath the design.

The shirts are set up and available in all sizes to cover the entire family.

Baby – and family – shark shirts

Jellyfish Planner

Showing off another of my many undated planners available over at Amazon, this time one with a gloriously elegant cover of silver jellyfish against a dark blue background. The gorgeous image was shot off the coast of Spain.

This one is undated with a single week across two pages with sections for tasks and notes. It has 110 pages, so should last you a year. It has a matte soft cover, perfect bound spine and is a convenient 6″x9″ size.

Great gift idea to add to your list as you’re planning ahead to the end of the year for anyone who loves the sea or just great photography.

Day of the Dead face shields

As we continue on with the lovely COVID virus and the changes to our society, you might be looking to expand your variety and wardrobe of protective gear.

And as we enter the last quarter of the year, we’ll be inundated with holidays that you can dress your gear up for.

When Zazzle started offering face shields, one of the first types of designs I considered was sugar skull and day of the dead versions. So rather than painting up your face – which would just get messed up by a mask anyway – you can just don one of these shields and you’re ready to celebrate.

They’ve recently added sizes for children, so I’m thinking to add additional designs appropriate for them.

Day of the Dead face shields

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Elegant doodle face masks

If you’re heading back to work in an office, you likely are going to still need to wear a mask there.

And let’s face it, but that cool design you have that shows a tongue sticking out is probably not work-appropriate. Maybe.

So check out a line of masks I have created with some abstract doodle patterns I have in black, white, ivory and steel gray. The patterns are circles, doodles and other styles of scribbles. I set up a ton already with nice subtle background colors perfect to coordinate with your office outfits.

And best of all, you can go into the design tool and change the background to any color you like to better coordinate with your wardrobe.

Abstract Doodle face masks

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