Texas Halloween Doormats

The spooky season is sneaking up on us. Time to start decorating outside the house with some cool Halloween doormats with a Texas theme!

These are all my own designs, as I don’t run into Texas Halloween stuff too often. Easier to make it myself, ya know?

I basically have five different designs in the Halloween space right now. My newest and almost my favorite is the cartoon armadillo in the picture to the left. I just adore him/her. Sporting a witch hat and carrying an orange cauldron filled with Halloween candy. Perfect!

The older designs I have feature more narrowly Texas themes. One is my version of a Texas great pumpkin, using the state flag design and colors to fill a simple pumpkin shape. These particular colors are more of a vintage rustic set of shades and the entire thing has a distressed finish to it.

The other three feature the shape of the state in some fashion. The first has Texas dressed up as a witch with the words “hocus pocus”. This uses an orange, purple and lime green color scheme with groups of dots as accents around the state.

The next is Texas as a ghost, complete with scary face inside a white field. This features the words “boo y’all” in orange and black and the entire design is on a purple background. (I’m not sure just why I got into purple for Halloween!)

The last is a version of a jack o’ lantern with a face cut into the state shape. Tiny bats and dots float around the angry pumpkin. This one I show in black on an orange background – very traditional Halloween colors – but the graphic is an SVG, so it’s actually available for you to custom color if you like.

All the designs feature the opportunity to personalize with your family name and are available at Zazzle.

Texas Halloween Doormats

Rainbow Texas Tennis Shoes

I love color, so it should come as no surprise that I adore this particular pattern!

It features the word TEXAS in a cool font repeated in a rainbow of colors. (Not a precise rainbow range, just kind of.)

I have it on several different items, but among the ones I find the most fun are these sets of sneakers. They come in a high top and low top version. And they’re a little different from ordinary shoes in that the tops can zip off. Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, at Zazzle, you can only purchase the entire shoe and not just the tops. So you’d have to go to the maker to get additional or different tops.

Men’s and women’s sizes, made with extra cushioned insoles and arch support system.

XOXO Texas car accessories

Love your car? Love Texas? This is a match made in heaven then!

I have a series of car accessories – interior and exterior – that feature this fun Texas design with the words XOXO y’all cutout of the state shape.

The design itself is available in cactus green, state flag blue and periwinkle purple, as well as Texas college colors – UT Longhorns burnt orange, Texas A&M Aggies maroon and Texas Tech Red Raiders red.

All the designs feature a distressed wood background behind the state shape.

I’ve stuck with the main and most popular auto accessories available at Zazzle. You can transfer the designs to other products if you like.

XOXO Texas car accessories

Day of the Dead face shields

As we continue on with the lovely COVID virus and the changes to our society, you might be looking to expand your variety and wardrobe of protective gear.

And as we enter the last quarter of the year, we’ll be inundated with holidays that you can dress your gear up for.

When Zazzle started offering face shields, one of the first types of designs I considered was sugar skull and day of the dead versions. So rather than painting up your face – which would just get messed up by a mask anyway – you can just don one of these shields and you’re ready to celebrate.

They’ve recently added sizes for children, so I’m thinking to add additional designs appropriate for them.

Day of the Dead face shields

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Love to Texas and Back Art

Texas is so big, when you say you love someone to Texas and back, it’s almost as good as the moon. (Right?)

Still, I love the sentiment behind this particular design. And it’s very artsy fartsy too, which I don’t normally do. All the letters are flush right with any holes plugged in. It comes in the gold shown here, but also a green and blue watercolor wash, a navy blue and a pink on dark gray.

It’s so artsy, in fact, I’ve mostly only put it on the art pieces offered at Zazzle – canvas prints and posters. But it is on a couple of other items you can enjoy.

Love to Texas and Back

Texas LOVE face masks

Zazzle has added lots of different types of face masks, including a 100% cotton version.

(No commentary from me here about what type of fabric is best. That science is always changing. We’ll know eventually!)

This particular set uses a SVG design of mine with large western style letters to spell out LOVE with Texas as the “O”. To add to the love, it has a little heart cutout of its center. The entire design then has a distressed finish to give it a nice rustic look.

The design is available in state flag blue, periwinkle purple and cactus green, as well as Texas Tech Red Raiders red, Texas A&M Aggies maroon and UT Longhorns burnt orange. Because the design is an SVG, you can go into the design tool to change the color if you like.

The cotton mask comes in white or black.

Texas LOVE face masks

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Texas linen custom moving announcements

Moving to Texas is a big deal, and the interest in moving announcements is pretty high. Guess everyone wants to brag a little about finally arriving in the Lone Star State!!

I’ve added a new design to my collection of moving announcements, an elegant option with a linen pattern background. They come in blue, green, brown, rose and gray so you can pick a color that suits you. While the state and the heart can be custom colored, the background can’t.

And in typical fashion, I’ve set each color up to cover a different area of the state. So the heart is already set up to cover the Gulf coast, panhandle, North Texas, El Paso, South Texas and the Hill country. (You can move the heart around if you want or need it to be more precisely placed. But most people aren’t going to know just how different the locations of Austin and San Antonio are. Trust me.)

The front includes lines for your family name and the town you’re moving to. The back is a soft coordinating solid with room for your new address and your individual family names. (Don’t forget to include the pets!)

These are only available in postcard form at the moment, but you can transfer them to other products if you’re feeling brave.

(Side note: In August 2020, Zazzle is having an issue with its preview function, so the linen background looks like it doesn’t go all the way to the edge. I promise it does and Zazzle says it will print properly.)

Texas linen moving announcements

Yellow Rose of Texas Face Masks

I have several different yellow rose of Texas designs. It’s kind of a natural to start with when you start up a Texas shop, right?

So once Zazzle started offering face masks, they were among the first I transferred over. I think they work really well in this particular context. And they’re a super girly, very Texan look!

The top design here is one of my favorites with the single large yellow rose and the western type. It looks great on black or white and is just the right mix of feminine and Texan. The one to the right here is among the most popular I have at Redbubble, although not quite as much at Zazzle. Still, I really like the mix of modern type and rustic lines.

The designs are available on two different mask types at Zazzle – specifically the all-cotton ones and the cotton-poly ones with the piping. Oh, and there’s also one of the plastic face shields I made with the large single rose if you’re looking for something like that.

Yellow Rose of Texas Face Masks

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Texas Halloween House Decoration

I know, I know. It’s August. How the heck could I already be thinking about Halloween?

Well, I’m not necessarily, but as I’m seeing more and more of my Halloween designs showing up in searches, I figure you are. 🙂

I developed some cute Texas Halloween designs last year – one witchy, one ghost and two pumpkins – that were received well. I’m working on some new ones for this year, but not sure when they’ll be ready.

And since last Halloween, Zazzle has added some new options to help you decorate your house for any holiday. My favorite is the house flag pictured above. Gorgeous large option that will really stand out on your block.

The other two are smaller and require hardware for standing in your yard. But once you buy it for one sign, you might be able to use it for every season and just change out the flag or board. Anyway, they’re a smaller garden flag and a sign like you see for elections or businesses.

All allow for you to personalize with your family name or other message.

A note on the angry Jack o’lantern. I’ve used a graphic there that allows you to customize the colors as you like. So if you want an orange pumpkin on a black background or a lime green and yellow combo (please don’t!), you can do that.

Texas Halloween Yard Signs and House Flags

Say howdy to fall in Texas

Ok – if you don’t live in Texas, you may not realize that the big joke here is that we basically just have four variations of summer rather than the normal seasons everyone else has.

And that’s true for much of the state. If you live in the panhandle, you basically get summer and winter since it will snow there. But the rest of us get full on summer and summer lite. You can see why we also get fairly obsessed with fall things like pumpkin spice. Gotta get it somewhere!!!

Still, there is occasionally something you might call fall as the trees turn to orange and gold, and we spend Friday nights on the football field. I have a couple of designs celebrating the autumn season just here in Texas.

One is the howdy fall shown above, with the state shape filling in for the “A” in fall. Rust, yellow, orange and green leaves and dots add color. The other is a dramatic orange plaid state with the words “Fall in love with Texas”. As if you need to be told to do that!!!

Fall Texas Designs