Watercolor lacrosse sticks blanket

It’s a lovely surprise when a design just takes off and makes people happy.

(OK, I know. I shouldn’t be surprised. I should expect people will like my stuff, right? :-))

This particular lacrosse design is one of those that has just taken off, particularly the blanket pictured here. It all started when one person bought the blanket to use as an auction item. And it’s just been a popular item ever since.

The image started as a photo, which I tweaked and turned into a watercolor print. A row of different colored lacrosse sticks are lined up on the green grass of the field. You can personalize it with your name at Zazzle.

This particular design is available on a ton of different items at Zazzle (see below) as well as at Redbubble.

Watercolor lacrosse sticks designs