Watercolor lacrosse sticks blanket

It’s a lovely surprise when a design just takes off and makes people happy.

(OK, I know. I shouldn’t be surprised. I should expect people will like my stuff, right? :-))

This particular lacrosse design is one of those that has just taken off, particularly the blanket pictured here. It all started when one person bought the blanket to use as an auction item. And it’s just been a popular item ever since.

The image started as a photo, which I tweaked and turned into a watercolor print. A row of different colored lacrosse sticks are lined up on the green grass of the field. You can personalize it with your name at Zazzle.

This particular design is available on a ton of different items at Zazzle (see below) as well as at Redbubble.

Watercolor lacrosse sticks designs

Bright Diagonal Lacrosse Sticks Pattern

I got into a kick recently with creating patterns themed for volleyball, cheerleading and lacrosse. And I really love this one particular lacrosse pattern, so I wanted to share it today.

It’s diagonal sticks in a variety of bright tropical colors like orange, lime green and turquoise. The two products you see here are available at Redbubble, among the many I offer there. The table at the bottom of this post shows options over at Zazzle, where I have a couple of different colors, although this post is just about this one particular color.

At Zazzle, you can change out the background color if you like; I’d recommend black or dark gray. It’s a nice change and the bright colors will really stand out against a dark background.

Bright Tropical Colors Diagonal Lacrosse Sticks Pattern

Lacrosse neck ties in fun patterns

Neck ties make great gifts, right? And if you’re gifting a coach or lacrosse fan, a tie with a lacrosse pattern on it makes even more sense.

I’ve taken the various patterns I’ve created for lacrosse and applied them to ties at Zazzle.

There are colorful patterns like the one shown at the top here involving stripes and lacrosse sticks. That particular pattern comes in four different color options, including neon pink!

If you’re less interested in fun patterns, check out the simple school color option. It’s a repeating pattern of white lacrosse sticks with a faint stripe in the background. It comes in a ton of different school colors and if you can’t find yours, you can go in and change the background to what you need.

Since it’s a school color, it’s a great choice for a team coach or for the entire team to wear when they head out to away games. (If your school requires the team to dress up. Do they still do that?

The ties are polyester fabric and can be printed on both sides. There’s a small upcharge for the printing on the back, but to me it’s well worth it as otherwise it’s left white and that just doesn’t work most of the time.

Lacrosse Patterned Neck Ties

Lacrosse Parent Shirts

lacrosse shirts for mom and dad. 14 school colors available.

Get yourself outfitted for the new lacrosse season with a shirt for mom or dad. (Or nana or uncle or whomever!)

I have several designs of shirts I’ve created for you to customize to show your support for your favorite lacrosse player. All use lacrosse sticks and balls as design elements and come in a variety of colors so you can find one to match your team.

One design allows you to customize with the name of your team, your player number and then the phrase “Senior Lacrosse Mom” underneath. That can be changed to a different school year – sophomore, junior – and to be mom or dad or whatever you like. Change the whole phrase to your team’s fight cry.

The second design uses large scale sticks – again with the option to customize with your player’s number on the ball – and “SENIOR LACROSSE DAD” in the center. That can be personalized to whatever message you like or to change the school year and relationship.

Almost all of the designs are available in red, orange, yellow, purple, green, blue, gray, black, forest green, navy, maroon, burnt orange, gold and powder blue. A couple include the lighter colors like silver gray, gold and powder blue on a dark shirt.