Summer Picks Sale: flip flops

Last day of Zazzle’s Summer Picks Sale, so we’re looking at flip flops in my stores. I’ve just recently started adding these again. In my SusanSays shop, I have a ton of volleyball and lacrosse options. Over in Yarnology, all the colors of my white crochet lace pattern are available.

Use the code SUMERZPICKS to get your discount.

[Sorry, the request returned no designs - first try refreshing the browser to make sure it's not an internet glitch. If that fails, please try a different search]

Summer Picks Sale: tote bags

Tote bags are super functional, so I’m glad they’re part of Zazzle’s Summer Picks Sale this week. I have a ton of these in my shops, but I thought I’d just show off some of the knitting, crochet and yarn related ones.

Tote bags are great for crafters because you can use them as project bags to carry your work around with you when you head out. (Or maybe you’re like me and you don’t take your knitting with you places anymore. Sigh.)

There are basically two types of tote bags available. One is an overall print design style, while the other is an economy canvas bag that prints the design in a square on the front and back. Both are great for our purposes!

Use the code SUMERZPICKS to get your discount.

Summer Picks Sale: water bottles

Another item that’s part of Zazzle’s Summer Picks Sale this week is water bottles. They offer several different styles, and I do have a few designs available here.

I’m pulling them from all three of my shops, although there are more in the knitting store. The crochet lace and knit fast designs come in a wide range of colors. And maybe I need to add some more to the Texas store?

The stainless steel bottles come in several colors depending on the size you pick, although I mostly like to print on white or steel.

Use the code SUMERZPICKS to get your discount.

[Sorry, the request returned no designs - first try refreshing the browser to make sure it's not an internet glitch. If that fails, please try a different search]

Summer Picks Sale: playing cards

I thought since Zazzle is having it’s Summer Picks Sale this week, I’d highlight some of my designs that are eligible for the 30% off discount. I don’t put my designs on beach towels or frisbees, but I do have options with some of the other items.

I just recently started adding designs to playing cards. They aren’t something I use often so it never occurred to me to try them out. I’ve featured one set of designs below – those I did for family reunions. They make a nice keepsake for the occasion, and you can use them during the event too.

Use the code SUMERZPICKS to get your discount.

Summer Picks Sale at Zazzle

Get 30% off lots of items perfect for summer this week at Zazzle. Sale runs July 7-11 and includes beach towels, flip flops, frisbees, hats, ping pong balls, ping pong paddles, playing cards, tennis balls, tote bags and water bottles.

Use the code SUMERZPICKS to get your discount.

Beach reading time!

Despite the virus, lots of people are hitting the beach, including friends of mine. Those nuts!

Regardless of whether you’re actually on the beach, summer is always a time for beach reads – those lighter bits of fiction that allow you to escape even farther from your every day.

Among my journals is a reading log design just for those beach books. The two page spreads allow you to record all your thoughts about the book, with an index in the front to track your reading list. Great idea if you plan to input your review online, but don’t want to have your electronics down in the sand.

Oldies but goodies

I thought maybe I’d take a look back at some of the first designs I started with on this new venture. I had some things I created years ago (but no one wants to see those!) so what counts as “old” at this point is maybe two years or so.

In my Texas shop, the oldest design I have is a pastel one that repeats the word “TEXAS” over in different colors. I added a pale dotted background and I have to admit this is still one of my favorites. I’m showing it below on the oldest and newest products made with the design.

Over in my SusanSays shop, I have a green chile shirt that is a million years old (made in 2008!!) and the only previous design I kept around. Not counting it for today’s purposes. 🙂

Which makes the oldest design I have a multi-colored bicycle pattern that I offer on a white or black background. The leggings below are the oldest item I have with this pattern, while the face mask is the newest.

Over at Yarnology, this bright, bright, bright block pattern is one of the first things I designed there. I made it in lighter and more muted colors as well, but those have never done very well. Oh well. I prefer super bright too!

The oldest item with this pattern is the trinket tray below and the newest – well, more face masks, but for variety’s sake, I’m showing you some wrapping paper instead. Ain’t I nice?

The biking and yarn designs are also available over at Redbubble and among the first I put up over there. But my oldest design there is a cool lacrosse heart that is on a ton of products. Showing it off here on a laptop sleeve.

Texas House Warming Wrapping Paper

Thanks to COVID, there have been so many products lately that have been unavailable thanks to factory closings.

But, hallelujah! Some are coming back, and among those is wrapping paper. One of the new versions Zazzle has is sheet sets, which I’m having fun playing with now.

Basically, the paper comes in sets of three and I can design each one separately. So I’ve been working on how to turn some of my art and patterns into appropriate looks.

One I started with is based off the art for a set of moving announcements I made that feature the word “HOME” with the state of Texas in a botanical print as the letter “O”. The main art says “Home Sweet New Home”, which I’ve used on the first sheet, a mostly solid for the second and the botanical pattern for the third. There are three color options to choose from.

Great for a house warming gift for someone moving into or around Texas!

Forest Green Cheerleader Pattern

Yay team!!! I’ve been on a pattern kick lately, creating them in all the school colors I offer.

This is the latest in the cheerleader patterns I’ve created. Black and forest green pom-poms and megaphones plus extra large word “cheer” and hearts. All with a soft gray grid in the background.

So far, I’ve only gotten this one posted and only on Redbubble. I know, I know. But it takes time when you make 14 different color versions of a pattern to get them all posted in all the places.

Until then, I’m especially proud of how they look on the socks at Redbubble. I’ve also placed it on the new backpack and duffle bag. Check them out!