Tarot Journals

I wanted to share one of my more popular notebook products – tarot journals. I had no idea before I started making them just how hot they would be.

I have more than 20 options now in my shop. Several feature the same design with differences in sizes or interior options. I offer 6″x9″ as a carry-around size and 8″x10″ for use at home. The interiors offer you either a three-card read as in the image above or a single-card read.

All the journals have space for you to mark the card or cards you drew for the day. You can draw the card or use a symbol to represent it. There’s a page at the front of the book for you to mark the particular symbols you’ve decided to use for each card.

Single-card draw pages

If you use more than one deck in your daily tarot readings, there’s a place for you to make note of that. You can write down your specific question of the day or general thoughts for what you’re trying to answer.

There’s a space for you to write your interpretation of your card or cards. In the front of the diary, I have a chart that gives the most common interpretation of each card.

Lastly, there is a place for the end of the day where you can capture your thoughts. This might be how you saw the reading play out during the day or whether your interpretation at the end of the day is different from that of the beginning.

You can mark the date for each reading so this doesn’t have to be used for daily draws. You might only consult the cards when something big is about to happen.

Tarot Journal Cover Designs

Mandalas are common cover theme in my store, like the purple and blue one pictured at the top. I’ve interpreted them several different ways so there’s a style for just about anyone.

These make a great gift for the spiritualist in your life.

Garden Flower Reading Journals

How many times have you been asked about a book and you can’t remember if you’ve read it, just bought it, liked it – really anything about it other than “I’ve heard of it.”

A reading log or journal is a great way to keep track of what you read over the course of a year. Even if you keep an online blog or post your reviews at Goodreads, it helps to have a physical option at hand to jot notes as you read.

And so here’s another gorgeous reading log option for all you readers out there!

Purple floral reading journal

I especially like this design for people into historical romances. Looks highly appropriate for that era, right?

This design features line-drawn or outlined flowers, leaves and stems, along with some solid options. Big purple circle in the center with the words “reading journal”. It mostly looks purple in this mock-up but there are accents of blue and yellow mixed in as well.

Inside, you’ll find space to track all your book reading reviews in this logbook with places for your ratings, quotes and more detailed review. Keep track of your thoughts to help you remember key points and themes, plots, characters and quotes in advance of writing an online review or book report.

There are enough pages for 100 reviews in one-page spreads, which means almost two books a week for 2021! Sounds like a great year!

The book is 8″x10″, so there’s plenty of room on the page for all your notes on a book you’ve finished.

As well as the main review space, there’s space to log title, author, genre, page count; start and finish dates; book format; favorite quotes. In the front, you’ll find charts to allow you to make a custom index for the book. At the back, there are pages to keep track of your book wishlist and reading challenges you undertake.

There’s even a page to write down books you abandon because you just can’t finish them. (I had many, many of those in the past year.) Great gift idea for under $10 for your mom, sister, grandma, teacher – any woman who reads.

Specific features of this reading log

  • Great for keeping notes on your current read to use for writing an online review
  • Floral design in purple, blue and yellow
  • Perfect for book lovers, writers, book club members, bloggers, book critics
  • Single-page has space for short facts about the book, your review and favorite quotes
  • 8”x10” for lots of space for writing
  • Perfect-bound notebook
  • Glossy soft cover
  • Numbered pages
  • Made in the USA
A peek at the pages inside this reading journal

Jellyfish Planner

Showing off another of my many undated planners available over at Amazon, this time one with a gloriously elegant cover of silver jellyfish against a dark blue background. The gorgeous image was shot off the coast of Spain.

This one is undated with a single week across two pages with sections for tasks and notes. It has 110 pages, so should last you a year. It has a matte soft cover, perfect bound spine and is a convenient 6″x9″ size.

Great gift idea to add to your list as you’re planning ahead to the end of the year for anyone who loves the sea or just great photography.

Black collie dog undated planner

The very first planners I ever published are still among my favorites. After all, they feature earnest and adoring dog faces and who can resist those?

The covers of these all featured the text “so … what are we going to do today?” because in my head, that’s exactly what the dog is asking. Certainly that’s what I always heard when my dogs would look at me like that!

While the boxer cover will always be my favorite because I had a boxer, design-wise, I adore this collie planner because the image wraps around to the back. He can see you coming and going!

This planner is 110 pages with one week per two pages, so enough pages for a full year. However, it’s undated so that year can start whenever you want! The days of the week are on the left side, while I’ve made sections for a to-do list, random notes and hard goals. There’s a light grid filling the background so you can use it to doodle if you don’t have much to plan one week. 🙂 It’s a nice compact 6″x9″ size to make it easy to carry around.

I do update the insides of these every year because I include full year calendars in the front. Right now, they are for 2020 and 2021. Around October or so, I’ll update them to be for 2021 and 2022. Otherwise, when you get one is irrelevant.

Get your collie undated planner at Amazon!

Side note: the images above are mock-ups I made, not pictures of the actual book. Just wanted to mention that since the book you’d actually receive won’t have rounded corners and will include a bar code on the back.

Sunflower Sketch Books

If you like to scribble and doodle, blank page journals are a great option for you. While I make the dots in my bullet journals really light, they can still get in the way of your cool artwork so blank is best.

Showing off two of my sketch book options today. I offer blank books in the 6″x9″ and 8″x10″ size, each with 180 pages. The pages are blank with a black-and-white patterned frame around each page. (There are six different patterns in use for each book so lots of variety to frame your artwork.)

The larger size comes with the brown background shown at the top, while the smaller size comes in the navy blue shown below. Both have the lovely artwork with the sunflower and the words Stand Tall. Face The Sun.

Use the unlined pages as a diary, to-do list, drawing pad and more. Every page is an opportunity to stretch your imagination, improve your drawing skills or organize yourself. This notebook is perfect for creating shopping lists, zentangle drawing, note-taking, sketching or whatever else can be imagined!

My most popular tarot journals

In the things I stumbled upon category would fall one of my more popular items – tarot journals. Crazy! I had no clue there would be such a demand for these.

The insides of the tarot diaries are set up the same, with space for either one or three card draws. You can draw your card or symbol, add the question you were seeing to answer, how you interpret the card and an end of the day reflection on how it fit the day.

I’ve developed a range of covers with tarot-appropriate images such as the moon, trees, paths and mandalas.

Far and away the most popular design I have is this gold mandala on a navy blue texture. I have it in two sizes – 8″x10″ and 6″x9″ – with 110 pages of the single-card draw style. The larger size is the more popular, which makes sense as this isn’t the kind of journal you’d carry around with you all day.

The books feature a glossy soft cover with 55 gsm paper. Perfect bound and made in the USA.

tarot diary single card draw journal pages
A look at the inside pages of the tarot diary.

Record your spinning adventures

If you happen to be one of those crafters who likes to spin their own yarn, you know how frustrating it can be to create a great yarn only to never be able to make it again because you don’t remember what you did.

(Oh, no. That’s not me. Not at all. Ever. 🙂 )

Among the journals and logs I’ve created are a couple of spinning logs where you can keep track of your spinning projects and techniques so you can consistently produce a handspun yarn you loved again and again.

There’s plenty of space to mark down the details of the fiber you used – weight, type, preparation – and the specifics of the process – spin, wheel setting, etc. Write down the details of the yarn you ended up with and tape in a sample of the fiber and yarn for future reference. Additional spaces for naming your project, the date you first worked it, your plan for the yarn and your rating of the results.

There’s space for 50 projects in all with a handy index at the front for you to keep track of them all. Additional dot grid pages allow you to build your own lists to track things like your fiber inventory, techniques to try or tools.

  • Two-page spread with space for all the details of the project and process, notes and a sample
  • Build your own index in the front of the book so you can easily find handspun yarns you want to repeat
  • Track everything from fiber prep to the specific tools you use
  • Great gift idea for fiber artist, spinner, knitter or crocheter in your life
  • Glossy soft cover
  • Perfect-bound notebook
  • 6”x9” for easy carry
  • 110 total pages, providing space for 50 projects
  • Made in the USA

I have two different cover options right now – one with some cute toy sheep and another featuring some neutral colored roving and wooden drop spindles.

Beach reading time!

Despite the virus, lots of people are hitting the beach, including friends of mine. Those nuts!

Regardless of whether you’re actually on the beach, summer is always a time for beach reads – those lighter bits of fiction that allow you to escape even farther from your every day.

Among my journals is a reading log design just for those beach books. The two page spreads allow you to record all your thoughts about the book, with an index in the front to track your reading list. Great idea if you plan to input your review online, but don’t want to have your electronics down in the sand.