Yarn Block Phone Wallet

I absolutely love my phone wallet!! It’s so handy to always have my money and cards with me – because you know I’m always going to have my phone!

So I’m highlighting this yarn block iPhone wallet from Redbubble today. I just love the bright colors and being a knitter, yarn is always a good thing!

The wallet is an open-book-style with a built-in stand and elastic strap closure. You can see the slots for your credit cards and driver’s license in the picture here. Less obvious is that behind those slots is a pocket where you can keep cash.

The yarn design wraps all the way around the wallet.

My only complaint here is that Redbubble doesn’t offer the wallet for anything other than the versions of the iPhone 6. What’s up with that?

We Have Arrived Shirts

Perfect for the first day of school!!! Announce that you (and the rest of your class year) have arrived on the scene with one of these shirts.

Big bold letters state “WE HAVE ARRIVED” and the entire thing has a distressed look to it. The design at the top here is from Zazzle, so you have the option to personalize the class year and add your school name. Or put your name. Or your class motto. Your call. That one is available in the black shown here as well as with black lettering on white.

Over at Redbubble, the shirts are only available with black lettering, so most of the time the best look is going to be a white shirt. (Maybe I should go back and add it again with white letters?) This one can’t be personalized so it’s just for the class of 2021. I’ll be adding future classes as soon as I can.

(The design at Redbubble is also on lots of other products, most of the time with a great tiny stripe background.)

Bright Diagonal Lacrosse Sticks Pattern

I got into a kick recently with creating patterns themed for volleyball, cheerleading and lacrosse. And I really love this one particular lacrosse pattern, so I wanted to share it today.

It’s diagonal sticks in a variety of bright tropical colors like orange, lime green and turquoise. The two products you see here are available at Redbubble, among the many I offer there. The table at the bottom of this post shows options over at Zazzle, where I have a couple of different colors, although this post is just about this one particular color.

At Zazzle, you can change out the background color if you like; I’d recommend black or dark gray. It’s a nice change and the bright colors will really stand out against a dark background.

Bright Tropical Colors Diagonal Lacrosse Sticks Pattern

Class of 2021 Backpacks

Back to more Class of 2021 items!! I’m sharing the designs I have over at Redbubble today since I wanted to give you a peek at these cool backpacks they recently launched.

Difference with items at Redbubble and Zazzle is you can’t customize or personalize at Redbubble. Sigh. Which means what you see is what you get as far as the design goes. It’s also a lot more steps for me to create the design multiple times to get multiple color options.

Still, I do love the products at Redbubble, and these Class of 2021 backpacks were a lot of fun to design. I have to lay out all the various sections and pieces in advance before I upload, so I don’t always know just what I’m getting until I see it in place on the bag.

While I have a few you’ll see that are just patterned all over, where possible, I’ve created designs that take advantage of the different sections. So there is a main design that goes on the front pocket, then I do a different color or pattern on the main front, sides or pocket. Pretty cool!

Head on over to Redbubble to see all the 2021 and senior backpacks I have in my shop.

New Product – Aprons

So excited! Redbubble has added aprons to its product line up and they are absolutely awesome!

I’ve been playing around with some of my designs to try to create something unique rather than just a standard pattern repeat. It’s not always easy.

My favorite I’ve done so far is the Texas hearts one shown here. It just came out great! Very unique and super stylish (I think!)

Still working on adding more of my designs to this new product, so I hope to have more to show you soon!

Oldies but goodies

I thought maybe I’d take a look back at some of the first designs I started with on this new venture. I had some things I created years ago (but no one wants to see those!) so what counts as “old” at this point is maybe two years or so.

In my Texas shop, the oldest design I have is a pastel one that repeats the word “TEXAS” over in different colors. I added a pale dotted background and I have to admit this is still one of my favorites. I’m showing it below on the oldest and newest products made with the design.

Over in my SusanSays shop, I have a green chile shirt that is a million years old (made in 2008!!) and the only previous design I kept around. Not counting it for today’s purposes. 🙂

Which makes the oldest design I have a multi-colored bicycle pattern that I offer on a white or black background. The leggings below are the oldest item I have with this pattern, while the face mask is the newest.

Over at Yarnology, this bright, bright, bright block pattern is one of the first things I designed there. I made it in lighter and more muted colors as well, but those have never done very well. Oh well. I prefer super bright too!

The oldest item with this pattern is the trinket tray below and the newest – well, more face masks, but for variety’s sake, I’m showing you some wrapping paper instead. Ain’t I nice?

The biking and yarn designs are also available over at Redbubble and among the first I put up over there. But my oldest design there is a cool lacrosse heart that is on a ton of products. Showing it off here on a laptop sleeve.

Forest Green Cheerleader Pattern

Yay team!!! I’ve been on a pattern kick lately, creating them in all the school colors I offer.

This is the latest in the cheerleader patterns I’ve created. Black and forest green pom-poms and megaphones plus extra large word “cheer” and hearts. All with a soft gray grid in the background.

So far, I’ve only gotten this one posted and only on Redbubble. I know, I know. But it takes time when you make 14 different color versions of a pattern to get them all posted in all the places.

Until then, I’m especially proud of how they look on the socks at Redbubble. I’ve also placed it on the new backpack and duffle bag. Check them out!