Class of 2021 Backpacks

Back to more Class of 2021 items!! I’m sharing the designs I have over at Redbubble today since I wanted to give you a peek at these cool backpacks they recently launched.

Difference with items at Redbubble and Zazzle is you can’t customize or personalize at Redbubble. Sigh. Which means what you see is what you get as far as the design goes. It’s also a lot more steps for me to create the design multiple times to get multiple color options.

Still, I do love the products at Redbubble, and these Class of 2021 backpacks were a lot of fun to design. I have to lay out all the various sections and pieces in advance before I upload, so I don’t always know just what I’m getting until I see it in place on the bag.

While I have a few you’ll see that are just patterned all over, where possible, I’ve created designs that take advantage of the different sections. So there is a main design that goes on the front pocket, then I do a different color or pattern on the main front, sides or pocket. Pretty cool!

Head on over to Redbubble to see all the 2021 and senior backpacks I have in my shop.