Oldies but goodies

I thought maybe I’d take a look back at some of the first designs I started with on this new venture. I had some things I created years ago (but no one wants to see those!) so what counts as “old” at this point is maybe two years or so.

In my Texas shop, the oldest design I have is a pastel one that repeats the word “TEXAS” over in different colors. I added a pale dotted background and I have to admit this is still one of my favorites. I’m showing it below on the oldest and newest products made with the design.

Over in my SusanSays shop, I have a green chile shirt that is a million years old (made in 2008!!) and the only previous design I kept around. Not counting it for today’s purposes. 🙂

Which makes the oldest design I have a multi-colored bicycle pattern that I offer on a white or black background. The leggings below are the oldest item I have with this pattern, while the face mask is the newest.

Over at Yarnology, this bright, bright, bright block pattern is one of the first things I designed there. I made it in lighter and more muted colors as well, but those have never done very well. Oh well. I prefer super bright too!

The oldest item with this pattern is the trinket tray below and the newest – well, more face masks, but for variety’s sake, I’m showing you some wrapping paper instead. Ain’t I nice?

The biking and yarn designs are also available over at Redbubble and among the first I put up over there. But my oldest design there is a cool lacrosse heart that is on a ton of products. Showing it off here on a laptop sleeve.