Mismatched flip flop fashion

I am one of those people who believes matching is highly overrated. At least when it comes to socks and other opportunities for whimsy.

I’ve found it difficult in designing flip-flops to come up with something unique that anyone would be willing to pay for a custom pair for. (I do have lots that are in my various sports pattern. Not a lot of cheer, volleyball or lacrosse flip flops already out there.)

That is, until I hit upon ways to take my current graphics and make sets that coordinate but don’t match. Extra fun!!!

I got into a rhythm so they pretty much all have a pattern of some sort on the right shoe. The left shoe incorporates some element from the pattern or a coordinating image and the ability to personalize with your name. It was a great way to use some of my lovely patterns that hadn’t found a good home yet.

There are a couple Texas specific designs like the blue gingham ones at the top of this post. The dotted pattern one comes in several different color options and you can even go in to change the background on the left shoe if you prefer a different color out of the pattern.

Mismatched flip flop sets