Lacrosse neck ties in fun patterns

Neck ties make great gifts, right? And if you’re gifting a coach or lacrosse fan, a tie with a lacrosse pattern on it makes even more sense.

I’ve taken the various patterns I’ve created for lacrosse and applied them to ties at Zazzle.

There are colorful patterns like the one shown at the top here involving stripes and lacrosse sticks. That particular pattern comes in four different color options, including neon pink!

If you’re less interested in fun patterns, check out the simple school color option. It’s a repeating pattern of white lacrosse sticks with a faint stripe in the background. It comes in a ton of different school colors and if you can’t find yours, you can go in and change the background to what you need.

Since it’s a school color, it’s a great choice for a team coach or for the entire team to wear when they head out to away games. (If your school requires the team to dress up. Do they still do that?

The ties are polyester fabric and can be printed on both sides. There’s a small upcharge for the printing on the back, but to me it’s well worth it as otherwise it’s left white and that just doesn’t work most of the time.

Lacrosse Patterned Neck Ties