Lacrosse Parent Shirts

lacrosse shirts for mom and dad. 14 school colors available.

Get yourself outfitted for the new lacrosse season with a shirt for mom or dad. (Or nana or uncle or whomever!)

I have several designs of shirts I’ve created for you to customize to show your support for your favorite lacrosse player. All use lacrosse sticks and balls as design elements and come in a variety of colors so you can find one to match your team.

One design allows you to customize with the name of your team, your player number and then the phrase “Senior Lacrosse Mom” underneath. That can be changed to a different school year – sophomore, junior – and to be mom or dad or whatever you like. Change the whole phrase to your team’s fight cry.

The second design uses large scale sticks – again with the option to customize with your player’s number on the ball – and “SENIOR LACROSSE DAD” in the center. That can be personalized to whatever message you like or to change the school year and relationship.

Almost all of the designs are available in red, orange, yellow, purple, green, blue, gray, black, forest green, navy, maroon, burnt orange, gold and powder blue. A couple include the lighter colors like silver gray, gold and powder blue on a dark shirt.