Yellow Rose of Texas Face Masks

I have several different yellow rose of Texas designs. It’s kind of a natural to start with when you start up a Texas shop, right?

So once Zazzle started offering face masks, they were among the first I transferred over. I think they work really well in this particular context. And they’re a super girly, very Texan look!

The top design here is one of my favorites with the single large yellow rose and the western type. It looks great on black or white and is just the right mix of feminine and Texan. The one to the right here is among the most popular I have at Redbubble, although not quite as much at Zazzle. Still, I really like the mix of modern type and rustic lines.

The designs are available on two different mask types at Zazzle – specifically the all-cotton ones and the cotton-poly ones with the piping. Oh, and there’s also one of the plastic face shields I made with the large single rose if you’re looking for something like that.

Yellow Rose of Texas Face Masks

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