Texas linen custom moving announcements

Moving to Texas is a big deal, and the interest in moving announcements is pretty high. Guess everyone wants to brag a little about finally arriving in the Lone Star State!!

I’ve added a new design to my collection of moving announcements, an elegant option with a linen pattern background. They come in blue, green, brown, rose and gray so you can pick a color that suits you. While the state and the heart can be custom colored, the background can’t.

And in typical fashion, I’ve set each color up to cover a different area of the state. So the heart is already set up to cover the Gulf coast, panhandle, North Texas, El Paso, South Texas and the Hill country. (You can move the heart around if you want or need it to be more precisely placed. But most people aren’t going to know just how different the locations of Austin and San Antonio are. Trust me.)

The front includes lines for your family name and the town you’re moving to. The back is a soft coordinating solid with room for your new address and your individual family names. (Don’t forget to include the pets!)

These are only available in postcard form at the moment, but you can transfer them to other products if you’re feeling brave.

(Side note: In August 2020, Zazzle is having an issue with its preview function, so the linen background looks like it doesn’t go all the way to the edge. I promise it does and Zazzle says it will print properly.)

Texas linen moving announcements