Say howdy to fall in Texas

Ok – if you don’t live in Texas, you may not realize that the big joke here is that we basically just have four variations of summer rather than the normal seasons everyone else has.

And that’s true for much of the state. If you live in the panhandle, you basically get summer and winter since it will snow there. But the rest of us get full on summer and summer lite. You can see why we also get fairly obsessed with fall things like pumpkin spice. Gotta get it somewhere!!!

Still, there is occasionally something you might call fall as the trees turn to orange and gold, and we spend Friday nights on the football field. I have a couple of designs celebrating the autumn season just here in Texas.

One is the howdy fall shown above, with the state shape filling in for the “A” in fall. Rust, yellow, orange and green leaves and dots add color. The other is a dramatic orange plaid state with the words “Fall in love with Texas”. As if you need to be told to do that!!!

Fall Texas Designs