Face masks for back to school

If your school is opening for in-person classes, masks are going to be a given for everyone.

So you might as well look at adding a few to your current collection that related to school and school activities.

I have a very, very, very large collection of appropriate ones to choose from, mostly bulked up by the fact that I offer 14 school color options.

Class of 2021 and senior class

You can start with the ones specific to the senior class, like the one at the top of this post. That particular design is available in all the school colors and you can personalize it with your school name as well as the year. (So, unless you’re planning on failing a grade, that one can work for 2022, 2023, etc., as well as the class of 2021.)

There are many others that don’t have a customizable year, which actually means they can be more fancy as far as the design goes. It’s a bit of a trade-off. I have similar design options available at Redbubble as well.

Sports themes and school colors

By far the largest group I have is going to be those that revolve around specific sports, most of which come in the line of 14 school colors.

The simple soccer pattern on black you see here is indicative of the main style I offer. It comes in soccer, cheer, basketball, football and baseball.

There are also more complex designs for cheerleading, volleyball and lacrosse, some of which come in bright colors that aren’t school related. There is a simple and basic pattern of white lacrosse sticks, though, similar to the one above.

Mascot school pride

Then we have the school pride designs. Due to the nature of the design, they do come in a more limited color palette, but I think I’ve covered the most common one.

Half the colors come on a white background with the word PRIDE in black; the other half in reverse with a black background and the word PRIDE in white. This allows the different color choices to stand out better.

You can customize the design with your school mascot in large script and the school name underneath. And if you feel ambitious, you can go into the design tool and change colors to fit your particular taste or combination.

Face Masks for School

These are shown in order of popularity and I only have 21 choices shown here. You seriously don’t want to wait for all the options I have to load. I have well over 450 designs/colors for you to choose from!

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School Colors Chevron Volleyball Fabric

purple volleyball fabric

I wouldn’t say I’m huge into surprises, but I definitely enjoy pleasant ones. Which is exactly where I am with the various fabrics I’ve designed. I never would have thought they would have taken off like they have.

Two things come to mind as to why. One is that I try to stick with things I don’t see often on fabric and the other being the surge of people making their own masks. (As a side note, I do have these patterns also on masks you can just buy, so you don’t have to be able to sew to enjoy a unique mask.)

One of the reasons I got into designing products again was that one of nieces was a volleyball player and it was next to impossible to find volleyball items that weren’t pink or ugly. Now, we know I’m not going to be doing ugly, so my additional focus was on making my designs in a wide range of school colors.

And given how many I have, my second surprise with fabric is how popular the purple is. Well, at least I was surprised until I thought about it and realized it’s probably not a school color you can easily find. Plus, it’s girly without being too girly, right?

Zazzle prints seven different fabric types – cotton, poplin, linen, etc. – and you can get them in swatch, fat quarter or by the yard (up to 10 continuous yards). They’re printed with colorfast pigment inks that won’t fade.

Below are the colors my chevron volleyball fabric comes in. Enjoy!