School Colors Chevron Volleyball Fabric

purple volleyball fabric

I wouldn’t say I’m huge into surprises, but I definitely enjoy pleasant ones. Which is exactly where I am with the various fabrics I’ve designed. I never would have thought they would have taken off like they have.

Two things come to mind as to why. One is that I try to stick with things I don’t see often on fabric and the other being the surge of people making their own masks. (As a side note, I do have these patterns also on masks you can just buy, so you don’t have to be able to sew to enjoy a unique mask.)

One of the reasons I got into designing products again was that one of nieces was a volleyball player and it was next to impossible to find volleyball items that weren’t pink or ugly. Now, we know I’m not going to be doing ugly, so my additional focus was on making my designs in a wide range of school colors.

And given how many I have, my second surprise with fabric is how popular the purple is. Well, at least I was surprised until I thought about it and realized it’s probably not a school color you can easily find. Plus, it’s girly without being too girly, right?

Zazzle prints seven different fabric types – cotton, poplin, linen, etc. – and you can get them in swatch, fat quarter or by the yard (up to 10 continuous yards). They’re printed with colorfast pigment inks that won’t fade.

Below are the colors my chevron volleyball fabric comes in. Enjoy!