My most popular tarot journals

In the things I stumbled upon category would fall one of my more popular items – tarot journals. Crazy! I had no clue there would be such a demand for these.

The insides of the tarot diaries are set up the same, with space for either one or three card draws. You can draw your card or symbol, add the question you were seeing to answer, how you interpret the card and an end of the day reflection on how it fit the day.

I’ve developed a range of covers with tarot-appropriate images such as the moon, trees, paths and mandalas.

Far and away the most popular design I have is this gold mandala on a navy blue texture. I have it in two sizes – 8″x10″ and 6″x9″ – with 110 pages of the single-card draw style. The larger size is the more popular, which makes sense as this isn’t the kind of journal you’d carry around with you all day.

The books feature a glossy soft cover with 55 gsm paper. Perfect bound and made in the USA.

tarot diary single card draw journal pages
A look at the inside pages of the tarot diary.