Sunflower Sketch Books

If you like to scribble and doodle, blank page journals are a great option for you. While I make the dots in my bullet journals really light, they can still get in the way of your cool artwork so blank is best.

Showing off two of my sketch book options today. I offer blank books in the 6″x9″ and 8″x10″ size, each with 180 pages. The pages are blank with a black-and-white patterned frame around each page. (There are six different patterns in use for each book so lots of variety to frame your artwork.)

The larger size comes with the brown background shown at the top, while the smaller size comes in the navy blue shown below. Both have the lovely artwork with the sunflower and the words Stand Tall. Face The Sun.

Use the unlined pages as a diary, to-do list, drawing pad and more. Every page is an opportunity to stretch your imagination, improve your drawing skills or organize yourself. This notebook is perfect for creating shopping lists, zentangle drawing, note-taking, sketching or whatever else can be imagined!