Colorful paw print tattoos

This particular design is so very basic, but that’s also part of what makes it so perfect!

It’s a sheet of temporary tattoos of solid colored paw prints. They’re great for a pet event or if your school mascot is a cat (tiger, lion, wildcat, bobcat, panther, cougar) or canine (bulldog, wolf, greyhound, husky, terrier). You could probably be creative in interpreting other animals that the prints might work for.

I have each sheet set up with an assortment of tattoos. The six large paws are approximately 2″ in size, the eight medium 1.5″ and the 16 small 1″. They come in green, purple, burnt orange, red, blue, orange, black and maroon, as well as a black paw print version. And except for the last, you can go into the design tool at Zazzle to change the colors and even rescale the sizes if you like. (Note that I don’t have lighter colors like yellow, gold or silver because those won’t show up well as a tattoo. Gotta stick with the darker/bolder shades.)

The sheets are about letter size and the non-colored area will be clear so your skin shows through. You’ll have to cut apart each of the tattoos. They’re designed to stay on for a few days and wipe off with baby oil.

Paw Print Temporary Tattoos

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