Yes! I do custom designs

I occasionally get the question over on Zazzle about whether I can change up a design or help a customer do it themselves.

Most of the time, this just involves the design being rendered in a different set of colors than I chose (although, a lot of my designs are easy to customize yourself as far as colors go) or some help rearranging the design elements to better fit the customer’s needs.

But occasionally, I do a completely custom item because … well, there just isn’t any thing out there to be found!

Such was the case with this coffee mug. You can get designs like this all over the place, but invariably, they only involve the 50 states. And in this case, the daughter had been accepted to attend college in Abu Dhabi, which is a heck of a distance from Texas!!

So we wanted to create a similar design but in their favorite colors and with Texas and the UAE as the locations. It was a rewarding item to work on and made a fabulous birthday present for mom!

As a general rule, most of my really custom work would involve something like this, where we’re adjusting an existing concept to fit your specific needs. I’m not an artist, so there are limits to how much I can do.

And yes – there is a charge involved. Simple color alterations at Zazzle are generally done without a charge, but anything that starts to involve time or back and forth will have a fee. Just ask!