Seniors Seniors Seniors stickers

As we head back to school, stickers are a great option for decorating up your notebooks, binders, lockers and lunchboxes.

I’ve taken my SENIORS design and created a set of stickers in the various school colors that can be applied just about anywhere you like.

The stickers come on one sheet and you can choose from five sizes of sheet from 3″ square to 14″ square. I have five stickers per sheet. On the smallest size, the bigger stickers are 1.25″ wide, while the smaller stickers are about .75″ wide. Each are just a bit taller than that. As you choose a larger size sheet, the stickers will get bigger.

The material for the stickers is available in glossy transparent – as shown above – and matte white as shown to the right here. They’re cut to the shape of the image and are easily removable when the time comes.

Available in most of the 14 school colors I design in. Note that lighter colors will do better printed on the white than the transparent. And you can go in to the design too to change up the sticker colors as you like. So you can make some red and some black, for instance.

Seniors Seniors Seniors stickers