Family Reunion Shirts for All

If you’re still getting together for a family reunion this year, don’t forget to mark the occasion with a shirt for everyone!

I recently started designing invitations for family reunions and to coordinate with those, I have a line of t-shirts for the whole family.

Shirts are a great way to show yourself as a group if you’re at a park or campground, as well as just to remember the occasion. And since my shirts allow for the front to be customized with the name, you also can forego those annoying nametags!

The family reunion designs

I have three basic designs at the moment. The two shown here at the top are big and bold and involve trees. They come in bright standard colors such as red, blue, green, orange and purple. You can personalize with your name and the year as well individual family member names.

The other design I have features a piece of line art of a camping site in two colors. The art itself can be custom colored if you’d like (just go into the customizer) or you can choose from the muted shades I have already picked out. This design is already on other items such as plates and banners to help make your event special.

Family Reunion Shirts