Create your travel bucket list

When my niece asked me to go with her on a school trip, I didn’t even ask where we were going. My philosophy is (was) that if I need a passport to get there, I’m ready to go.

(I’ve since changed my tune because as you get older, the strains of traveling in some parts of the world become just a bit more than I can handle. I’m looking at you, squat toilets.)

I’ve been to 24 different countries and still have a ton of places on my bucket list I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing. A few are on the design I’m featuring today!

This colorful travel bucket list is customizable to reflect the places you want to visit. The length of the list varies with the items the design is on. (You can get a ton of places on that suitcase!) And if you want, you can get into the design tool and change the color of the planes and lines as well.

It’s pictured on a passport holder above – totally appropriate – but also on a notebook you could use as a travel journal or bags to use to tote on the plane.

Colorful travel bucket list