Brush Stroke Class of 2021 Car Flags

Car flags became hugely popular when we all realized in person graduation ceremonies were unlikely to happen.

The desire to still celebrate your graduate and their accomplishments fueled the drive-by party and just a need to proclaim their accomplishment far and wide.

While I have some that feature pictures, the most popular by far was this cool brush stroke designs in school colors. For 2020, of course. But I’ve gotten ready for the upcoming school year for the class of 2021.

I have them in most of the common school colors with a few with black backgrounds to help the lighter colors stand out better. You can get into the design tool to change the colors up if you like.

(Note that this isn’t a design that you can customize in terms of changing the year. But I do already have them for the class of 2022 if that’s what you need. Working on more years soon!)

The flags are super light, but made with heavy duty double-ply fabric. Attaches to your car with a plastic clip.

Brush Stroke Class of 2021 Car Flags

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