Curved Frame Graduation Photo Car Flags

Did you end up having a drive-by graduation celebration this year?

They were a pretty popular option given the stay-at-home restrictions most of us were operating under. Which probably explains why all my car flags got really popular!

One of the favorites was this design with a curved frame in the school colors and a large horizontal photo of the graduate. The emphasis is really put on the person rather than the school with these.

You can personalize with the class year, their name and the school name. And change the colors if you like, although I have them available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, maroon, black and gold, so odds are good I have your school covered already. 

The flags run 10.5″ long and 15.5″ wide and are affordable enough for you to get one for each side of the car. They’re made of heavy duty double-ply fabric and super durable.

Curved Frame Graduation Photo Car Flags